The Institute of Advanced Motoring (IAM) has released results of a survey where they asked 1,117 councillors for their views on road safety topics including potholes and road building.

According to the majority of councillors, the issue of poor road surfaces and potholes is the top priority, which is music to the ears of many motorists who are all too familiar with dangerous potholes on Britain’s roads. Improving road safety and increasing the use of public transport and are also on the councillors’ agendas.

However, according to Visor Down, priorities vary depending on each party:

“Conservative councillors are more likely to focus on road building, road surfaces and car parking, while Labour councillors are more likely to select road safety and the use of public
transport and Liberal Democrats are more likely to focus on cycling and walking,” a report says.

Although potholes and road safety is the main priority for councillors, they admitted that they are suffering a 40% reduction in their budget for road surface repairs.

Top Priorities for Local Transport according to councillors

  • Road surfaces/reducing potholes – 74 per cent
  • Improving road safety – 70 per cent
  • Increasing use of public transport – 66 per cent
  • Reducing traffic congestion- 61 per cent
  • Improving the local economy through better transport use – 58 per cent