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Car Breakdown Advice and Tips

April 30th, 2015

In the unfortunate event that you breakdown, on the motorway or any other roads, it’s good to have some knowledge on staying safe and what to do whilst you’re broken down. Although we hope you won’t need to put this advice into action, we’ve listed some helpful advice on what to do should you breakdown.

Breaking down on motorways

In the event that you breakdown on a motorway, you should:

  • Leave at the next junction (if possible) or stop at the nearest motorway service station. If you have to stop immediately then pull into the hard shoulder carefully, with clear indication.
  • Park your car as far to the left of the hard shoulder as possible, well away from motorway traffic with your wheels turned to the left.
  • Switch your hazard lights and sidelights on to alert other traffic that your vehicle is experiencing a problem. In poor visibility, consider putting on your fog lights too.
  • Exit the vehicle, along with any other passengers, using the left hand doors. Do not exit the vehicle onto the motorway.
  • Stand far away from the motorway, preferably behind a safety barrier if there is one or up onto the bank.
  • Avoid attempting to make any repairs, even if you feel the cause of the breakdown is something simple to fix. You can jeopadise your safety if you attempt to fix your vehicle on a busy motorway.
  • Walk to the nearest emergency roadside telephone, keeping well away from the traffic. An indication as to where the nearest emergency telephone is can be found on the blue and white motorway signs.
  • Call from your mobile telephone if it’s easier, stating your location and where you are on the motorway. Your car breakdown recovery provider will sent out a recovery service.

Breaking down on other roads

If you happen to breakdown on any other road (which is not a motorway), you should:

  • Pull over in a safe place, away from oncoming traffic.
  • Switch your hazard lights on to alert other traffic that your vehicle is experiencing a problem.
  • Remove your vehicle from the road quickly and carefully (if you can) if your vehicle is causing an obstruction.
  • Put your reflective jacket on – you should have one in the car at all times in case of emergencies such as this.
  • Leave the vehicle, along with all the other passengers, if you feel your car is in danger of being unnoticed or hit by other road users. Stand in a safe place away from the vehicle and completely away from the road.
  • Try to identify the fault. If it is a simple tyre puncture or a dead battery then you will be able to carry out this procedure yourself. If you’re unable to fix the fault then call you car breakdown provider immediately, before giving them a thorough description of where you are.
  • If you do believe it’s safe to repair the damage to your vehicle then place a warning triangle on the road. This should be place at least 50 yards behind your vehicle.

Car breakdown recovery are providers of breakdown cover and European car breakdown cover, in addition to breakdown services for vans, motorcycles and fleets. Contact us today for information.

The importance of breakdown cover

April 28th, 2015

It can be tempting to avoid paying for car breakdown cover, but should a breakdown occur and you are faced with an emergency, ensuring that you have an effective policy will be absolutely invaluable.

As no one can be certain when a breakdown is likely to occur, it is essential to be covered for this eventuality; as detailed below there are many important reasons for investing in car breakdown cover.

Cost savings

Some people are reluctant to invest in breakdown cover because of the additional costs, however, if your car breaks down unexpectedly and you do not have breakdown cover, you could be faced with a hefty recovery bill or more often, be asked to pay before you are recovered and you wouldn’t necessarily have the funds to cover it. By choosing a policy, you’ll be able to find the cover to suit your personal requirements and one that will fit within your budget.


Nobody wants to be in a situation where they are stranded on a motorway with perhaps nobody for miles to help them. However, by investing in breakdown cover, help would only be a phone call away and the company responsible for your cover would ensure they can continue with your journey as quickly as possible. This is especially important for people that might be travelling with their families and require assistance as soon as possible should the need arise.

Quick Repairs

Car breakdown cover will ensure help is at hand to assist in repairing your vehicle at the roadside whenever possible or recovering you to a specialist to carry out those urgent repairs that are required to get your car back on the road. Finding the garage and getting the car scheduled in for a repair can be time-consuming and costly. However, if you have a car breakdown cover, simple repairs can often be carried out by the roadside and get you back behind the wheel within a short period of time.

Peace of mind

If you’re going on a long journey, travelling late at night, or often have cause to travel on your own, you want to know that help is not far away should the vehicle break down. As well as the cost saving benefits and quick repairs that a car breakdown policy offers, one of the most important aspects of cover is the peace of mind the policy gives.

To ensure you are covered correctly or simply compare us to your existing deal, visit or call one of advisors on 01423 535 795 today.

Simon Bedford

Great price Breakdown Cover. Yet to claim but so far so good.

Patricia – Essex

I had to call out a rescue on 15/4/15 at 5pm

I really wanted to say thank you for such a speedy response, efficient information , and quick recovery despite a road closure and it being the rush hour.

When I took out such cheap cover to be honest I was a little unsure but I wanted to say how pleased I am with your service

Thank you

The Yorkshire Warriors

April 18th, 2015

Some of the nci and Rescuemycar team got together to do the 2015 Yorkshire Warrior at the Yorkshire Showground in Harrogate. All members of staff are very proud of their efforts.

nci, rescue my car, yorkshire warrior, harrogate,

Some of the nci insurance and team.

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